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Margc Cherry Natural Skincare Products.

Margc Cherry’s products create a lifestyle that embodies balance and soothes the mind and spirit. Made with such essential components such as, lavender, coconut, turmeric, and shea butter, the skin is encouraged to heal and be moisturized. Now, having access to exotically intoxicating spa elements blended just right to achieve healthy skin is no longer unattainable within the comforts of your home.


Our Story



Vilay Inthalangsy




Margc Cherry product line for skin and hair are derived from oils, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables from all around the world. All products are 100% natural and chemical free. Margc Cherry products can be used on a daily basis from head to toe.

Margc Cherry is a creation of owner/aesthetician/artist Vilay Inthalangsy.  Vilay was born and raised in the lovely countryside of Laos, where she studied the effects of natural elements such as herbs and spices on health.  As a child, Vilay suffered from skin problems such as eczema and allergic skin reactions.  She found that certain herbs not only alleviated her condition, they actually improved her skin.  This led to her realization that the secret to lifelong beauty depends on food, meditation, exercise and environment:  a philosophy that shows its results on the skin.  For Vilay, skin is a blueprint of what happens both physically and mentally in the body. 

After moving to Chicago as an adult, Vilay fine-tuned her natural artistic inclinations, finding expression for her interest in fashion design and cooking.  These, combined with her specialization in skincare, led to the creation of Cherry Beauty, a spa designed by Vilay, inside and out.  Her formal dress designs are showcased on soothing yellow walls, above bowls filled with water and floating rose petals.  A quick glimpse into the spa emphasizes the importance Vilay places on nature and the elements, reflecting her holistic viewpoint towards wellbeing.  Furthermore, Cherry Beauty’s deliberately designed environment of tranquility and relaxation immediately begins soothing the mind and spirit—essential and conducive to Vilay’s belief that beauty evolves into a reflection of our own internal peace, mirroring the environment with which we surround ourselves.

Translating her beliefs of beauty’s organic roots into something tangible drove Vilay into her kitchen, where her childhood recollections of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables became the ingredients of her own skincare line.  She experimented with different beauty “recipes”, finding success by utilizing elements that have long been appreciated by different cultures around the world and are only now gaining popularity in the US.   By relying only on those items that are 100% natural, such as turmeric and coconut, Vilay has created Margc Cherry skincare products, a unique, totally organic, chemical free experience for the skin.

At Cherry Beauty, Vilay is able to craft an experience that is completely organic and restorative.  Glowing skin is not just a dream; with Cherry Beauty treatments and Margc Cherry skincare products, your skin will reveal to you its good health and beauty.    

Interested in healthy lifestyle tips? Visit our Youtube channel called Vilay's Food and Beauty for in depth access to learning traditional Lao, Thai and Italian dishes along with massage and skincare tips for taking care of yourself. Stay in touch with us through instagram and explore our daily inspirational and positive posts!