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Margc Cherry Natural Skincare Products.

Margc Cherry’s products create a lifestyle that embodies balance and soothes the mind and spirit. Made with such essential components such as, lavender, coconut, turmeric, and shea butter, the skin is encouraged to heal and be moisturized. Now, having access to exotically intoxicating spa elements blended just right to achieve healthy skin is no longer unattainable within the comforts of your home.

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Vietnamese Cucumber Salad

cherry inthalangsy

Vilay is making her family's traditional Vietnamese Cucumber Salad on the porch of our house in Hyde Park, Chicago.  

Ingredients for salad:
2 seedless cucumbers 
1 fried egg omelet 
Sunflower seeds
Fresh Mint leaves
6 shrimp *or any meat or substitute you prefer

Ingredients for dressing:
2 tbs of water
1 tbs of honey
2 tbs of lemon or vinegar
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of vegetable seasoning *I personally love using Vegeta Vegetable seasoning 
2 tbs of fish sauce
1 tsp of chopped garlic
1 pinch of turmeric 

How to saute the shrimp:
1. Put a little bit of olive oil into the pan on high heat
2. In a separate bowl season the shrimp with sesame seeds and vegetable seasoning *you can add as much as you want!
3. Let shrimp cook for about 8 min.

How to cook the Omelet: 
1. place 1 egg in bowl 
2. add 1 tsp of fish sauce and mix until well blended 
3. add a pinch of black pepper 
4. place into hot pan 

How to make Cucumber Salad:
1. Prepare the sauce:
Mix sugar, lemon/vinegar, fish sauce, veggie seasoning, & sea salt into the water and stir real well.
2. Place cucumbers in a big bowl or plate
3. Pour sauce on top
4. Place chopped up omelet, shrimp on top along with sunflower seeds, & mint 
5. To add a different dimension to the salad add Craisins on top as a finishing touch.
Enjoy your refreshing meal! ;)

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